Mrs. Neanderthal

Did Neanderthals Make Art?

Bruce Hardy | Sapiens | 11th August 2022

The answer to this question is yes, but this is a recent shift in consensus, which says more about researchers' biases than Neanderthal creativity, it is argued. "The stereotype of the artless Neanderthal and the artful modern human was rooted in prejudices of the time... Even today, some art produced by non-Western peoples is described as 'folk art' or 'primitive art' rather than just art" (2,231 words)

from The Browser seven years ago:

Mrs. Bundy

Dana Middleton Silberstein | Morning News | 3rd September 2015

On the day of serial killer Ted Bundy's execution, a local TV host tracks down his mother at home and interviews her alongside the mother of one of his victims. An emotional profile of two women simultaneously close and distant. "It has to be terrible for her," says the victim's mother; "our suffering is over, our answers are all there — and I think hers are probably just beginning" (5,260 words)

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