Nature Anarchy

A Mirror Of Nature

Mike Edmunds | Inference Review | 10th June 2022

On the significance of the Antikythera mechanism, an astrological calculator found in a first century BCE shipwreck. It was long thought to be anachronistic. Scholars could not believe that Ancient Greece had produced something so similar to what was in use a thousand years later. This position has more to do with 20C interpretations of history than classical technology (2,733 words)

The Holy Anarchy Of Fun

Walter Kirn | Common Sense | 3rd July 2022 | U

Having fun at a time when the world is anything but is "elementally subversive". Fun, as defined here, is the opposite of seriousness: a bouncy, slightly risky feeling of ceding control just enough to escape the feeling of surveillance, vigilance and gloom. "Fun is ideologically neutral, advancing and empowering no cause. Fun is self-serving and without ambition...Your fun belongs to you alone" (1.463 words)

Your fun belongs to you alone, but we like to share ours.
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