Never Scream

Tragedy Has Never Left Us

Florent Guénard | Books & Ideas | 18th April 2022

Interview with historian Bruno Cabanes about what lies behind the way media outlets have portrayed the war in Ukraine as part of the narrative of Europe during WW2. This ignores the fact that the conflict is part of "a repertoire of violence" from the recent past, seen in places like Yugoslavia, Chechnya and Syria. Be wary of confusing history with strategy or geopolitical analysis, he warns (3,588 words)

My Scream Is Famous

Ashley Peldon | Guardian | 8th April 2022

First person piece from a professional scream artist. Her shrieks are used in film and TV when the onscreen actors can't, or won't, give a character's terror the vocal oomph that the director requires. It's a niche skill. "I probably scream more on average than the normal person would. There’s something really relaxing about it. After a big day of screaming I feel lighter and brighter" (810 words)

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