Nightingale Soldier

The Myth Of Florence Nightingale

Sarah DiGregorio | LitHub | 2nd May 2023

Florence Nightingale is widely credited as the inventor of nursing; she is in reality anything but. What she did do was blunt the radical edge of nursing by giving it a class system. But nurses do not have to be subservient. "Imagine a world in which the conditions necessary for health are enjoyed by all people. Nurses have a unique ability to bring such a world to fruition, if they choose it" (3,392 words)

You, too, have a unique ability to bring a world into fruition: a world in which you enjoy five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily with the full Browser. Blooming marvellous.

The Diary Of A Ukrainian Soldier

David Lepeska | New Lines | 1st May 2023

Selected diary entries spanning the last year of fighting in Ukraine, by a Ukrainian filmmaker who volunteered to fight on the front line. He has attended 36 funerals in the past 12 months, and has decided that he won't be going to anymore. "I haven’t had a chance to personally kill any Russians. They say it’s good luck to kill someone in front of you. But in this war you rarely see the enemy" (4,651 words)

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