Nothing Giant

Nothing, Forever

Aharon Schrieber | Seinfeld Law | 13th June 2023

Quite apart from there being something intrinsically wonderful about the very existence of an expert blog dedicated solely to legal issues posed on and by Seinfeld, the question explored here is a big one both for AI and for intellectual property. If an AI generates a TV show apparently in the style of Seinfeld, but without using content from Seinfeld, is that a copyright violation? (960 words)

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Three Days With A Giant

Carey Baraka | Guardian | 13th June 2023

Wonderfully intimate profile of Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, a giant of late- and post-colonial African literature. "If Chinua Achebe captured the deep feeling of displacement that colonisation had wreaked, and Wole Soyinka tried to make sense of the collision between African tradition and western ideas of freedom, then Ngũgĩ was the unabashed militant. His books were a weapon" (8,600 words)

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