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Mao To Now

Perry Link | China Books Review | 5th October 2023

Western critics compare Xi Jinping's autocracy with Mao Zedong's dictatorship; and seemingly Xi would like to be another Mao; but China has changed too much since Mao's day. People have more information, more understanding of the world. "Under Mao, people usually believed what they were shouting; under Xi, they are often protecting their interests through outward performance" (3,100 words)

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Vitalik Buterin | Palladium | 6th October 2023

Lessons learned from inviting 200 rationalists, Ethereals and other digital nomads to converge on a coastal village in Montenegro for two months, just to see what happens. Main finding: It's the future. Everybody gets on, has fun, learns stuff, makes friends, makes things. Next step: Something permanent, a place that looks like a monastery and works like a university; or even lots of them (2,200 words)

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