Nun Life

Life After A Total Glossectomy

Jake Seliger | The Story's Story | 9th September 2023

Terminal cancer patient's unvarnished yet elegantly-written account of having his tongue and lower teeth surgically removed to halt the progress of a cancer. There is now a flap made from quadricep muscle installed in his mouth. He has relearned how to walk, swallow, taste and speak. Most fascinatingly, his internal monologue went silent after the surgery and did not return for 12 days (4,770 words)

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Having Nun Of It

Molly Olmstead | Slate | 5th September 2023

Tale of mutiny in a Texas convent. Ten cloistered nuns are suing a bishop over a supposed confession their prioress made while she was on seizure medication to a consensual sexual encounter with a priest. The bishop's investigation turned ugly. Allegations involving sex, drugs and excommunication were made. Amid the row, the nuns defied Pope Francis and began celebrating Mass in Latin (3,020 words)

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