Octopus Phones

Octopus Time

David Borkenhagen | Aeon | 20th April 2023

We believe that octopuses are smart in ways that we cannot quite quantify; Arrival has shown us octopus-like creatures with a different dimension of time rooted in a different language. This essay builds on those premises, relating human ideas of time to human language and habits, and wondering what octopus behaviour can tell us about how an octopus experiences past and future (3,700 words)

How would an octopus experience the The Browser? We like to think it would use five tentacles for the five outstanding articles, one for the video, one for the podcast, and still have one left over for a cup of tea.

The Dao Of Phones

Alan Levinovitz | Hedgehog Review | 20th April 2023

You may feel bad about the amount of time you spend on your phone. But if you see your phone as an adversary you will feel even worse about your inability to resist it. Try approaching your phone reverentially, as a sacred object with power over your life, an object that you are reluctant to disturb on merely trivial matters. Here, borrowed from Chinese philosophy, are strategies for doing so (1,600 words)

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