Official Saga

Only That I Were An Official Person!

Glenda Sluga | Lapham's Quarterly | 5th January 2022

In the early 19C, being "patriotic" was one of the few avenues available to women who wished to be political in public. It was an emotional matter of civic identity that chimed with contemporary views of the feminine intellect, yet also impinged on the great matters of state. Letters from across the continent expose the shadow diplomacy such ambitious women practised under this guise (2,114 words)

The Steel House Saga

Rainey Knudson | Texas Monthly | 5th January 2022

The sculptor Robert Bruno spent the last 30 years of his life working on a vast and alien-looking steel edifice situated east of Lubbock, Texas. It "was principally designed as sculpture, albeit with three bedrooms and two and a half baths", and Bruno stubbornly moved into it just before his death from cancer. Now, after years of real estate shenanigans, it looks set to become an AirBnB (2,450 words)


How to Begin: Start Something That Matters is the tool to make 2022 better. Oliver Burkeman calls it “an intensely practical manual to figure out what to do with your ridiculously finite time on the planet.” Austin Kleon says it’s “a friendly voice and a guiding hand

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