Old Lovelock

Is Everything Getting Old?

Byrne Hobart | The Diff | 25th July 2022

The US Senate is the oldest ever; the speaker of the House is 82; the President is a 77-year-old who beat out a 74-year-old. And it isn't only politics that seems age-blocked. In the 14 years between 2005 and 2019 the average age of a Fortune 500 CEO rose by 14 years; similar story in scientific research. Are older people staying fitter and smarter for longer — or just getting better at hanging on? (1,800 words)

James Lovelock at 100

Gaia Vince | New Scientist | 24th July 2019

Obituaries abound today for Lovelock, who has died at 103, but this interview with New Scientist (and how Lovelock must have smiled at his interviewer's name) captures much of Lovelock's delightful character in his own words. His opening remark, while serving iced coffee: "A chunk of ice cools the coffee 80 times more effectively than the equivalent volume of water at 0 degrees" (1,900 words)

A chunk of Browser cools the brain 80 times more effectively than the equivalent volume of un-curated reading.
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