Olympic Murder

Designing Olympic Sports For Spectators

Brad Templeton | Brad Ideas | 11th February 2022

The 100m sprint is the ideal spectator sport. "You can watch it, and understand it, and see who is winning and who won, just with your eyes". Time-trials and judged events are much less satisfying to watch. Could they be tightened up? "One could imagine a discipline of skate jumping where figure skaters just show off harder and harder jumps and tricks until only the best is left skating" (1,500 words)

How To Commit Murder Inside A Locked Room

Ted Gioia | Honest Broker | 12th February 2022

In praise of of locked-room mysteries, and their master, John Dickson Carr. "It’s as if H.P. Lovecraft and Agatha Christie had a precocious love child who combined both their temperaments in a single vocation. That mixture of the ratiocinative and the eldritch makes Carr’s books irresistible — they are like spiderwebs both in their intricacy and the overtones of dark dangers dimly perceived" (2,400 words)


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Ecléctico Music Selection: Dennis Gonzalez New Dallas Quartet. "Any one musician would have changed the whole sound of the band," says trumpet player and composer Gonzalez. And he's right.

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