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Should We Colonise Other Planets?

Philip Ball | Guardian | 21st August 2023

Probably not. There is a "dismaying irrationality" in popular answers to this question. Aiming to dwell on a planet that lacks what we need to survive seems futile. The timescales for escaping climate change by heading into space don't work: Mars won't be ready for us for at least a century, if ever. The only honest justification for planetary settlement is "because it would be cool" (1,080 words)

Settling other planets would be cool. The full Browser is also cool. One of these can be enjoyed from your sofa...

So until they successfully get your sofa up to Mars, maybe try getting your kicks from five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily.

Semesters For Adults

Allie Volpe | Vox | 21st August 2023

On the benefits of organising life by the academic calendar, long after you have left full-time education. Prioritising a new skill for about 16 weeks — the length of a semester at a US college — makes the goal specific and provides an automatic "assessment" point to check if the desired progress is being made. Plus, it's always good to build in the expectation of a long summer vacation (1,650 words)

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