Over Heart

The Unfathomable Heart

Stephanie Krzywonos | Dark Mountain | 19th April 2022

Notes on a short walk in Antarctica, visiting "Nukey Poo", a leaky nuclear reactor abandoned by the US Navy in 1972; Thwaites Glacier, whose imminent collapse may doom the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet; and the whaling port of McMurdo, now a scientific research station. The 1.6m whales killed in the Southern Ocean last century "had a biomass equal to the whole of humankind" (2,300 words)

That's It? It's Over?

Nick Duerden | Guardian | 16th April 2022

What happens to pop stars whose careers peak when they still have most of their lives ahead of them? Ex-legends interviewed here include Terence Trent D'Arby (now living in Milan as Sananda Maitreya); Róisín Murphy (retired to Ibiza); Bob Geldof (went on to an equally successful career in television); Billy Bragg (still picketing, and writing comment pieces for The Guardian) (3,700 words)

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