Over Morumbi

Morumbi And Paraisopolis

Feng Xinqi | Allegra Laboratory | 22nd March 2022

The first time, I think, that we have recommended a play on The Browser, and a good reason for setting the precedent. This short drama takes place in a city which seems to be a composite of Mumbai and Sao Paulo. The theme is the gulf between rich and poor. The wider the gap, the harder it is for either side to understand the other, and the easier it is for the rich to view the poor as a threat (2,000 words)

Deciding When A Pandemic Is Over

Tanya Lewis | Scientific American | 14th March 2022

A pandemic is over "when people stop paying attention to it". Sociology trumps epidemiology. The "Spanish flu" pandemic went through four waves betweeen 1918 and 1920. The fourth wave of 1920 was more lethal than the second wave of 1918, but by 1920 virtually no American cities were imposing further restrictions. People were just fed up. Perhaps we have reached that point with Covid-19 (1,200 words)

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