Paintbrushes and San Francisco

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We Were Wrong About This Stuff

Slate | 21st December 2021

Nice twist on the end-of-year product list — staff at Slate volunteer details of the things they bought in 2021 that they wish they had never acquired. The worst thing of all? The custom paint by numbers kit depicting a pair of beloved grandparents. "Not even the depths of pandemic boredom could drive him to pick up a paintbrush for the horrifying image that arrived" (2,333 words)

🦒: Lea Degen On Saving San Francisco

Applied Divinity | The Browser | 22 December 2021

Lea Degen is the host of Frontiers, a podcast that aims to make the tacit state of knowledge in advancing areas of technology, science, and the arts explicit and accessible to a broader audience. "None of these subcultures are content. That’s kind of obvious right? You have to rebel against something. But it’s not just the purely economic circumstances they take issue with" (4,802 words)

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