Paper Song

Paper, Cut

Caroline Jones And Staff | Washington City Paper | 5th May 2022

Memories of a newspaper now closing its print operation. It aided in launching the careers of, among others, David Carr, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Kara Swisher. The tales here recall a rollicking journalistic culture that now feels remote. As one former staffer puts it: "The people that you wrote about would, in the worst-case scenario, punch you in the face, but you knew that it had an effect"

The Senior Song Book

Marvin Weisbord | The Smart Set | 5th May 2022

Touching account of the unlikely musical collaboration between two "best old friends" who met by chance in a retirement community. A lesson in being proactive about happiness and hobbies. "It’s easy to talk about 'ageing gracefully'. It takes real work to do it." They wrote about the everyday lives of old people, setting their words to the half-remembered tunes of their youth (3,442 words)

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