Parasite Factoy

A Visit To The Human Factory

James Vincent | The Verge | 4th May 2022

Inside a workshop where a company interested in both entertainment and engineering is building the most human-like androids ever seen. The results are eerie. "It scrunches its cheeks, raises its eyebrows, and then grimaces and blinks. It’s like watching a newborn baby cycle through facial expressions. There’s a sense that the hardware hasn’t yet been fully connected to the software" (3,138 words)

Fighting For Parasite Conservation

Rachel Nuwer | Scientific American | 1st May 2022

Come for the horrifying opener about what might be lurking in your cod fillet, stay for the argument that it is worth conserving parasite populations to keep vital ecosystems functioning. It is, understandably, a hard sell for funding bodies, since some of the parasites in need of conservation merit this kind of description: "The adult worms burst out of their hosts to partake in a parasitic orgy" (3,783 words)

A parasite's* living, but dull
A human has more in its skull
Keep your skull upscale
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*The Browser will leave readers to decide for themselves about the livingness and/or dullness of android minds. It's a bit much to tackle in a limerick.

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