Paris Names

Paris Kicked Out The Cars

Henry Grabar | Slate | 30th March 2023 | Code

Paris has radically reduced car usage in the last two decades: car trips within the city are down by almost 60 per cent. But opponents claim that a car-less lifestyle just highlights the city's inequalities. Property prices keep the less well off out in the suburbs, where car use is much higher. Poorly paid bicycle delivery jobs are mostly done by recent immigrants. Given this, "who is the city for?" (6,921 words)

Video: I’m Usually Pretty Good At Naming Things | Vimeo | Mac Promo | 4m 50s

Collage artist describes and demonstrates the process of forcing himself to make art from the vast quantities of paper he has accumulated. The temptation, he says, is to be always trying to say something with his work, but here he experiments with just putting images and patterns together that fit, and waiting for the meaning to catch up with him later.

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