Party Toaster

Party Like It’s 1789!

A.J. Jacobs | Guardian | 1st October 2022

Account of an attempt to live according to a literal interpretation of the US constitution, as a test of the doctrine of "originalism" now popular on the US Supreme Court. He carries a musket, declines to deal with his publisher's female lawyer — women being denied licences to practice law at the time of the 14th amendment — and distributes incendiary pamphlets  (4,005 words)

If You Wish To Make A Toaster

Hillary Predko | The Prepared | 29th September 2022

Interview with a designer who tried to make a toaster entirely from scratch, refining all of the materials himself to build each component. The process highlighted the complexity of the basic objects we use without thought — all his smelting produced only iron, not steel, and he struggled with the plastic casing. The final object "had the form of a toaster and it sort of worked" (2,077 words)

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