Pastrami and Karma

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A Last Meal At Katz’s

Avi Dresner | Forward | 16th December 2021

Son's account of what his dying father, civil rights activist Rabbi Israel S. Dresner, wanted to do on his last outing to Manhattan. A Broadway show — The Book of Mormon, which he was disappointed to find was not really about the history of Mormonism — a last service at the Central Synagogue, and a final pastrami on rye at his favourite deli. A gentle lesson on how to plan a good death (1,242 words)

🦒: Jim Fruchterman On Listening At Scale

Baiqu Gonkar | The Browser | 19th December 2021

Jim Fruchterman talks about the trajectory of his life from Stanford and rocket science via Silicon Valley to his present role as a "karmic consultant" helping non-profits, charities and communities to develop effective tech-based strategies and solutions in areas such as disability, education, and climate. Jim is a MacArthur fellow, CEO of Tech Matters, and founder of Benetech (32m 41s)

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