Peace And Catfish

Life Stories From Death Row

Amanda Abrams | Plough | 27th January 2022

Gripping review of Right Here, Right Now, an anthology of life-stories written by American prisoners awaiting execution. They tell of childhoods filled with violence, addiction, and abuse. Many claim to have found "peace and brotherhood" only in prison. True, the writers "scarcely mention the crimes that landed them on death row". Even so: "In all their horror, they deserve our consideration" (1,390 words)

🦒 Interview: Eat Your Catfish With Noah Arjomand

Noah Arjomand's raw and uncompromising documentary, Eat Your Catfish, documents Noah's mother's struggle with the degenerative motor-neuron disease ALS. According to Variety, Eat Your Catfish is making "an outsize impact in the documentary circuit". Noah talks to The Browser's Baiqu Gonkar about the making of the film and the obligations of familial love. (27m 28s)


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