Periodic Skiing

Picturing The Periodic Table

Philip Ball | Pioneer Works | 13th December 2022 | U

Our understanding of matter has changed almost beyond recognition since the mid-19th century. But the Periodic Table of the Elements, which purports to show in a logical schema the elements that make up all ordinary matter, has changed scarcely at all. It is out of date. It knows nothing of particle physics. It is full of contestable choices. Can we not agree on something better? (1,350 words)

The Political Economy Of Skiing

Adam Tooze | Chartbook | 17th December 2022

Roughly 1.5 percent of the world's population skis regularly. After a boom in skiing 30-50 years ago, the annual number of skier-days worldwide has plateaued at around 400 million, 43% of which are spent at Alpine resorts. Big corporations have been buying up the top US and European ski resorts and focusing on high-value customers. The price of downhill skiing has tripled since 2000 (2,050 words)

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