Personal Wife

The Limits Of Personal Experience

Max Roser | Our World In Data | 27th July 2023

Many people believe that first-hand knowledge, "lived experience", trumps experts and text-books when understanding how the world works. This may be true in the context of one's own life, but it is not true of life in general. "The world is large, and we can experience very little of it personally. To see what the world is like, we need to rely on other means: carefully collected global statistics" (2,700 words)

The world is large, and we can experience very little of it personally. Still, we can read about just a smidgen more of it. The full Browser sends five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily, to get you started.

The Dutiful Wife

Rafia Zakaria | Baffler | 14th July 2023

Before we got hooked on the turbulent private lives of footballers and musicians, we looked mainly to writers and artists to shock and delight us with glimpses of their bohemian marriages and sordid divorces. Nor did they let us down. Kingsley Amis, Alberto Moravia and Roald Dahl were among these "cheaters of old", who believed that their genius entitled them to behave as they liked (1,200 words)

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