Persuaders Scythe

The Persuaders

Dave Jamieson | Huffington Post | 24th July 2023

On the work of "persuaders", consultants hired by companies to dissuade employees from unionising. These "mysterious men" infiltrate the workforce, sowing doubt about what a union can achieve. It's big business: "Employers are now paying upwards of $3,000 a day, plus expenses, for each persuader. Amazon alone dished out more than $14 million to consultants last year" (4,200 words)

This is our attempt at a persuader. But not that kind. We'd just like to persuade you to consider the full Browser, and enjoy five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily.

How To Sharpen A Scythe

Daegan Miller | Yale Review | 23rd May 2023

It is not easy. To "peen" the blade of a scythe — that is, hit its edge with enough force to thin the metal yet not so much that it tears — requires discipline and attention. "One hundred and fifty overlapping blows should complete one pass of the blade’s length. If you can avoid distraction and do the job well, the blade will be so thin that it will ripple when you run your nail beneath it" (1,800 words)

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