Picasso's Trials

Picasso’s Secret Lover

Jeffrey Meyers | London Magazine | 4th February 2022

Geneviève Laporte is the "most shadowy and elusive lover" in Picasso's long list of conquests. She met him at 18, a month after the Liberation of Paris in 1944, when she interviewed him for her student newspaper. Their intense two-year affair began six years later. Torn between wanting her own artistic life and to assist the great artist, Laporte "escaped with only minor wounds" (2,322 words)

The Trials Of Ernest Shackleton

Ranulph Fiennes | Literary Hub | 31st January 2022

Extract from a biography of the 20C Antarctic explorer, authored by a modern day adventurer. Confined conditions are compared; Fiennes benefitted greatly from the fact that his wife Ginny took part in his expeditions. "I would vent my spleen in my diary. It is quite funny now, looking back, as some of my gripes were so inconsequential, but at the time they felt like major disagreements" (2,531 words)


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