Pink Monkeys

Save The Pink Apples

Agostino Petroni | Afar | 28th June 2022 | U

Pink apples have been grown in Italy's Sibillini hills since Roman times, with the trees thriving at altitude and the fruit's thick skin protecting it from disease. Cultivating them doesn't scale commercially, though, and the apples had all but vanished. Now, a few dedicated fans are attempting a revival, both for the fruit's sake but also as a way to attract young people back into farming (2,665 words)

A Plane Of Monkeys

Jackie Flynn Mogensen | Mother Jones | 23rd June 2022 | U

The animal testing supply chain is in trouble. Factors include strained global logistics, a ban on primate imports from China, and opposition from animal rights groups. Whether or not you think such testing is ethical or even desirable, it is the case that life-saving medications and vaccines are currently trialed with monkeys first, and that has now become much more difficult and expensive (6,963 words)

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