Plane Legacy

I Jumped From A Plane

Leah Harper | Guardian | 11th June 2024

Interview with a skydiver who fell from 4,000ft after a parachute malfunctioned and survived. "I felt oddly calm. I do remember seeing the ground coming towards me really quickly and I thought to myself: ‘This is going to hurt.’" She managed to steer away from a tarmac landing strip to fall on grass, and was lucky not to be paralysed. A year later she was able to hike to Everest Base Camp (2,500 words)

The Little-Known Legacy Of The EP

Steven Heller | Print | 4th June 2024

The EP exists because of a "good old-fashioned form factor war" between record companies in the 1940s. Around 25 minutes of music, this format of "more than a single, less than an album" was highly successful in the 1960s when the lower price and tight tracklist attracted huge sales. Never-before-heard songs could sit alongside chartoppers in an economical yet collectable package (1,200 words)

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