Playing Life

Playing Carnegie Hall

Jay Nordlinger | New Criterion Dispatch | 28th July 2022

Ask any musician: The acoustics in Carnegie Hall in New York are superb, whether the auditorium is sold out or empty. "The hall is reverb-y, but not soupy. It is clear and crisp, but not dry". Which raises some practical questions. Are the acoustics in Carnegie Hall so good by accident or by design? In either case, why do other designers of other concert halls not simply copy this examplar? (800 words)

More Life

Hannah Black | Jewish Currents | 1st July 2022

Thought-provoking discussion of Couples Therapy, Showtime's reality-television series which follows the work of New York psychoanalyst Orna Guralnik. "Orna, like a priestly intermediary between action and interiority, offers the promise of absolution. When her patients arrive at their innermost parts, it seems as though she’s been waiting there for them all along, like a chthonic god" (3,300 words)

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