Portugal Pawpaw

Who Is Portugal For?

Vasco Queirós | Palladium | 23rd February 2024

Increasingly, not Portuguese people under the age of 40. Portugal is the second-oldest country in Europe after Italy. Five million people live on state benefits, 35 per cent of whom are retirees. These seniors are shaping the nation: they vote, "effectively, to extract rent for themselves from young people through the state". Unsurprisingly, one in three people aged 15-39 has left for overseas (3,100 words)

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Consider The Pawpaw

Matthew Meduri | Belt | 15th February 2024

The pawpaw is "an enigma", unknown to most Americans. These fruits are "characterised by their oblong shape, delicate greenish-yellow skin, a creamy custard-like flesh that varies from white to a deep orange, a central row of large black seeds, and the way they typically grow in clusters, like bananas". Unlike the pomegranate, it has never attracted a billionaire fan to promote it (5,400 words)

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