Powerful Sentence

The Most Powerful Uber Driver In India

Varsha Bansal | Rest Of World | 4th January 2023

Profile of Shaik Salauddin, a former taxi driver who has emerged as a new kind of labour organiser in India. He still drives occasionally for Uber, but now lends out his car to others while he campaigns for better employment rights. He has founded a new gig economy union and seems to understand how to bend the internet news cycle to his purpose far better than traditional labour organisers (1,572 words)

Enduring The Winters Of A Life Sentence

Jeffrey Shockley | Atmos | 9th January 2023

Incarcerated writer reflects on winters in prison. On the positive side: tap water in the cells is properly cold, inmates get to work outside clearing paths, and the snow makes the grounds look better. The negatives include: more lockdowns as staff struggle to get to work, moods plummeting from all the time cooped up, and violence rising as people face the holiday season without loved ones (854 words)

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