Prada and Power

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Vintage Prada And Snow

Olivia Giovetti | VAN | 13th January 2022

A music critic recommends recent classical recordings accessible and absorbing enough to banish, however briefly, your Weltschmerz. They are the "miniature idylls" of Grieg’s song cycle, Haugtussa; Beethoven's three violin sonatas, over which the composer's style evolves from late Classical to early Romantic; and Liszt’s Harmonies poétiques et religieuses, a "musical koan" (1,000 words)

🦒: Browser Bets: Helen Toner

The aim of Browser Bets is to go beyond talking about the future and to start putting some numbers on what will happen and when. This week The Browser's James Dillard goes Bayesian with Helen Toner, Director of Strategy at Georgetown Center for Security and Emerging Technologies, and board member at OpenAI. Topics include China, security theatre, AI-powered fast-food ordering, and quantum supremacy. Read or watch.


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Five Books: The Best Historical Fiction Set In The Ancient World. The ancient world offers an excellent canvas for historical fiction but too many books fall victim to anachronistic thinking, says Oxford ancient historian Harry Sidebottom; here he recommends some of his own favourites, all written during the golden age of classical historical fiction half a century ago.

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