Problem Lists

The British Pilgrimage Problem

James Jeffrey | Critic | 9th April 2023

The UK has "so much pilgrimage potential", yet has no popular routes equivalent to the Camino de Santiago. Blame Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell: they banned pilgrimage in England in 1538 as part of the break with Rome, and the practice has been "taboo" ever since, with the British scorning such displays of religiosity. As a result, Britain is missing out on a lucrative slice of the tourist market (1,324 words)

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Barack Obama’s Reading Lists

Sophie Vershbow | Esquire | 10th April 2023

The former president has been publishing his annual list of favourite books since 2009, but it has long been theorised that the Obama selection is really made by consultants, or somehow stitched up between his staffers and publishing executives with book distributors alerted ahead of time so they can secure stock. Not so, apparently: Barack Obama just loves to read widely (1,948 words)

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