Promise Time

‘I’m Good, I Promise’

Conor Niland | Guardian | 27th June 2024

On the loneliness of the low-ranking tennis player. This former Irish number one spent his professional career in the lower divisions — the Challenger and Futures tours — that everyone is desperately trying to leave behind. Nobody wants to make friends. The social hierarchy, based on world ranking, is brutal. "Did they know I had nearly beaten a guy who had once beaten Pete Sampras?" (3,800 words)

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A Life-Time Cycle

Stephan Petermann | Archis | 26th June 2024

Interview with a cyclist on a 10,000km ride from Amsterdam to Shanghai. He crossed Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan and more to reach the Chinese border. He has found that perseverance is really made up of many mental tricks. The desire to save face, to keep commitments, and to focus just on the next 100 metres combine to keep you going (3,900 words)

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