Quest Rule

The Quest To Quantify Our Senses

Chris Salter | MIT Press Reader | 17th May 2023

Introduction to "psychophysics", a discipline invented by a 19C doctor with a mysterious illness and now expertise required for roles at Facebook. Gustav Fechner created this field to measure the relationship between the mind and the body — and he inspired the design of machines that could do just this. If you wear a fitness tracker or use a VR headset, you have seen his legacy (3,029 words)

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Roger's Little Rule Book

Roger Ebert | 28th October 2008

Veteran film critic's guidelines for those who seek to follow in his footsteps. Remember you are there to advise, not dictate. Respect your readers' time and money. Give a bad review when it is warranted so that a good one has meaning. Don't accept freebies unless you are truly hungry. Above all, never ask a film star for a picture or an autograph: it's embarrassing for everyone present (2,463 words)

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