Quiet Facts

Obituary For A Quiet Life

Jeremy B. Jones | Bitter Southerner | 6th June 2023

The conventions of the obituary form rarely capture "the sheer audacity of a quiet life". We expect lists of achievements and tales of adventure. Here, a quiet, private grandfather is remembered — who, it turns out, did military service overseas, remained married for 70 years, and was fired over and over again for leading a union at a textile mill. The lesson? "A quiet life isn’t a passive life" (1,610 words)

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Facts Don’t Change Minds

Anna Hennessey | Psyche | 23rd May 2023

The Latin root of "propaganda" — propagare — simply means "to spread" or "propagate". Stripped of its negative connotations, can the "intelligent use of words and images" to change a mindset be deployed for good purposes? Martin Luther King Jr thought so, as did W.E.B. Du Bois. Emotive techniques are much better at altering opinons. Time for some "positive propaganda"? (1,615 words)

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