Race Between

The Maintenance Race

Stewart Brand | Works In Progress | 22nd July 2022

Lessons learned from the 1968 Sunday Times round-the-word solo yacht race in which Donald Crowhurst went mad and vanished; Bernard Moitessier abandoned the course within sight of an easy victory; the winner was the only finisher, Robin Knox-Johnson. Moitessier's advice: "Choose what is simple without hesitation; sooner or later, what is complicated will always lead to problems" (7,300 words)

Raphael Between Heaven And Earth

Michael Glover | Hyperallergic | 6th July 2022

I could wish this piece were ten times as long. A eulogy to Raphael and to the exhibition of Raphael's masterworks which has opened in London after years of delay. "He was boundlessly ambitious and intimidatingly energetic, charming, good-looking, diplomatic, and utterly opportunistic ... His industriousness, and the consistent quality of his output, were superhuman" (1,100 words)

I could wish this Browser were ten times as long.
Well, you can't have everything you wish for. But you could have five articles a day, plus a video and podcast. Which is pretty wonderful.

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