Radical Earthworms

Revenge Of The Earthworms

Moira Donovan | Walrus | 13th June 2022

Worms are not necessarily the benevolent participants in the soil's ecosystem that gardeners might assume. A kind of jumping worm, which "thrash around, as if electrocuted, when disturbed", has been spreading across North America. They chew through the organic matter on the surface of the soil and deprive it of much-needed nutritional content. They are, to many, "viscerally upsetting" (2,590 words)

Adam Smith’s Radical Tools

Paul Crider | Liberal Currents | 2nd February 2022

Examining Adam Smith, not as a "dogmatic free market ideologue" as he is often characterised, but as a proponent of "natural liberty". A Smithian liberal would likely support universal childcare, reparations for the descendants of slaves, freedom of movement, a reallocating of funds away from the police, and an end to military incursions such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (3,965 words)

If worms can harm soil, and A. Smith
Might depart from his free market myth
What else might be wrong?
Well, just follow along
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