Rainbow Philosophy

Philosophy For Passengers

Michael Marder | MIT Press Reader | 12th May 2022

Passengerhood provides a "privileged perspective" on the passage of time. On a journey, we experience the finitude of what otherwise can seem infinite: time's span. And "each of us confronts the flux of time in a unique, idiosyncratic way", with our perception of time passing varying with mood and situation. Something to think about the next time you stare out of a train window (1,724 words)

What Rainbow Trout Know

Lauren Silverman | Human Parts | 11th May 2022

Essay about transplanting oneself, told via the habits of rainbow trout. These fish migrate from fresh water to the sea and back again to spawn, although confusingly for scientists only some trout choose to make this risky trip. Humans, too, shy away from such a dislocation: "You have to be quite brave or desperate (or both) to strip yourself bare and offer yourself to the whims of a distant land" (4,326 words)

From time (passage of) to trout (rainbow)
There's so much to tickle the brain! So
If you're tickled pink
By this taster, just think
Of the full Browser joy! Who could say no?

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