Rat Women

Why Women Won

Claudia Goldin | National Bureau Of Economic Research | 9th October 2023

Paper from the 2023 Nobel economics laureate on 20C changes in women's legal rights and why progress slowed. Nearly half of the major developments occurred between 1963 and 1973. Women "won when they had the political clout to get men to see that women’s rights were as valid as civil rights. Yet, women’s rights had setbacks when, in light of gains, women abandoned the movement" (18,801 words)

In Defence Of The Rat

J.B. MacKinnon | Hakai | 26th September 2023

Rats are not nearly as bad as we are encouraged to believe. They are not aggressive or filthy and pose a low risk of disease, other than in situations when infection is rife anyway. They are resilient; we will never eradicate them. They are emotionally complex. They can laugh. And they can learn to play hide and seek with humans and "will do so for no other reward than tickles and fun" (5,600 words)

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