Ray Charles

The Discovery Of The X-Ray

Ira Rutkow | Delancey Place | 7th September 2022

Extract from a history of surgery. The discovery of the X-Ray in 1895 utterly transformed what so-called "scalpel wielders" could achieve. "Not only did the accessibility of X-rays change the definition of what consti­tuted a successful surgical intervention, but also the physical presence of an X-ray apparatus lent an air of modernity and scientific progress that impressed patients" (690 words)

King Charles III

Robert Booth | Guardian | 19th November 2014

Prince Charles is eccentric, impassioned, impatient, indiscreet — which, while manageable faults in a prince, are difficult ones in a king. "Preparations are being made for a very different monarchy to that of Queen Elizabeth, who has secured acceptance of the constitutional monarchy in part through her strict silence on political affairs. The death of the Queen is a day many dread" (5,200 words)

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