Reading Calories

Reading Solzhenitsyn For The First Time

Haim Marantz | Montréal Review | 24th May 2024

“It is only after reading Solzhenitsyn and Mandelstam that I realised how lucky the early Romantic poets had been to live in a society where they could yearn to be alone with their daffodils or die with their nightingales. They did not need to learn how the revolutionary ideas of individual freedom could send men and women to die alone, on the taiga’s wastes, in the absence of both daffodils and nightingales” (6,100 words)

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Counting Calories

Michelle Stacey | Smithsonian | 20th May 2024

Deep-dive into calorie counting and the doctor who evangelised it in the early 20C. While the calorie had been studied previously, Lulu Hunt Peters’ novel idea was to use it not as a nutritional gauge, but as a means to weight loss. She was a savvy marketer who picked an opportune moment — as the curvy Gibson Girl of the 1890s gave way to the whittled-down figure of the 1920s flapper (5,700 words)

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