Realist Mushrooms

Thucydides Was A Realist

Patrick Porter | Engelsberg Ideas | 1st April 2022

Modern scholarship has "nuanced" the work of Athenian historian Thucydides to death. Attention to detail has obscured the bigger picture, which is that "he was one of the founders of a pessimistic intellectual tradition that believes the world, like the one he endured, is inherently a cold, harsh, dangerous place in which power and its acquisition is paramount" (2,725 words)

Cell Death And Vomiting

Lorenzo Seneci, Timothy Patrick Jenkins, Shirin Ahmadi & Christoffer V. Sørensen | Science Nordic | 31st March 2022

What happens to the body during mushroom poisoning. One major group of toxins, the amanitins, prevent protein synthesis — killing cells one by one in a domino effect that takes down major organs. Muscarine toxins, meanwhile, attack neurons and slow down involuntary muscle contractions, including those in the heart. The conclusion? Be very, very sure of the mushrooms you eat (1,545 words)

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