Record Big

A Record Of Old Kashgar

Henryk Szadziewski | China Review Of Books | 9th May 2024

Kashgar sits at the far west of China, near Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Home to the Uyghur people, this ancient city has seen many kingdoms and enterprises come and go. It became a trading hub because of the influence of the Silk Road. Now, the CCP is "feverishly attempting to score a mark of their permanence onto the fabric of the city" via systematic demolition of ancient buildings (1,700 words)

Big Fridge

Patrick Sisson | Sherwood | 2nd May 2024

Refrigerated warehouses, some as cold as minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit, have completely revolutionised how we eat. They enable seasonal foods to be available all year round and give fresh staples a longer shelf life at home. There is at least 7.4 billion cubic feet of refrigerated industrial space worldwide, over half of which is in the US. In a climate crisis, cold storage is a very hot market (1,400 words)

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