Recovering Lie

The Lie That Made Me

Aviva Coopersmith | Toronto Life | 22nd February 2022

First person account from a woman investigating her own biological origins after her mother's charlatan fertility doctor was exposed. This kind of "doctor donor fraud", in which the practitioner takes advantage of the patient's desperation to conceive, is far more common than we might expect. Laws now tend to give donor children more rights to their own identity (5,703 words)

Recovering The Female Clerics

Sarah E. Bond & Shaily Patel | Los Angeles Review Of Books | 17th January 2022

The Catholic church is fiercely debating the idea that women can hold its higher offices. Meanwhile, the archaeological evidence suggests that the early Christian church contained plenty of women clerics "who directly taught, healed, offered the Eucharist, and gave baptisms". The myth of an unbroken line of male priests stretching back to Jesus's disciples is, rightly, being questioned (2,568 words)

Podcast: Franz Liszt | The Forum. Audio portrait of the 19C Hungarian composer, who was popular enough in his own lifetime that he had a touring schedule any 21C pop star would recognise (40m 29s)

The Browser Newsletter is popular enough in its own lifetime to have a touring schedule (five pieces a day) that any 21C pop star would recognise:

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