Rescue Spookiness

Amid War, Bat Rescue Continues

Wojciech Mikołuszko | Undark | 31st October 2022

The Ukrainian Bat Rehabilitation Centre lost all of its funding and some of its staff this year. They now rescue bats that are trapped in bombed out buildings. The Russian Ministry of Defence accused them of using the bats as bioweapons, but Ukrainians have stepped up to help, hosting hibernating bats in their homes when conservation facilities become inaccessible thanks to military activity (1,861 words)

On Spookiness

Eliza Brooke | Dirt | 19th October 2022

Why is "spooky" a fun and cosy aesthetic, whereas a "scary" atmosphere can give one nightmares? "Technically, spooky means ghostly or spectral, two words that relate to liminality. To me, spookiness is a suggestion... I suspect that spookiness is a lot like love, in that everyone experiences it in a way that seems so private, so specific, that they believe nobody else feels it quite as they do" (2,896 words)

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