Rethinking Rock

The Depths Of Rock-Paper-Scissors

Greg Costikyan | MIT Press Reader | 11th July 2023

The outcome in Rock Paper Scissors is neither random nor arbitrary. The savvy player knows that they are playing their opponent rather than the game and human psychology is not random. The different moves have known connotations — such as the Rock with strength and immovability — and to most people it "feels wrong" to choose the same symbol more than twice in a row (948 words)

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Rethinking “Weekend Plans”

Haley Nahman | Maybe Baby | 2nd July 2023

On the decline of "doing errands". Tasks that used to take an entire afternoon like banking and shopping can now be done from the sofa. Has a mode of being been lost? "Today my to-do list is infinitely longer than it’s ever been, and yet real, out-of-the-house errands — afternoon cleared, sneakers and sunglasses on: the kind of errands my mom seemed to be running — are harder to come by" (1,747 words)

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