Revenge Doctor

Yamagami Tetsuya’s Revenge

Dylan Levi King | Palladium | 2nd February 2023

A journey into the dark hinterland of post-war Japanese politics, when three generations of the Kishi/Abe family led the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, and the LDP entwined itself with criminal gangs, intelligence agencies, and religious cults. This history was an open secret, but a secret of sorts, until prime minister Shinzo Abe was shot dead and explanations became unavoidable (3,500 words)

The Violin Doctor

Elly Fishman | Chicago | 17th January 2023

Profile of John Becker, considered to be the best violin restorer in the world. He has worked on more Stradivarius violins than any other living person, making repairs for the likes of Nigel Kennedy and Joshua Bell. He uses a mixture of antique 19C tools and modern surgical implements. Despite an impeccable ear and a sixth sense for quality instruments, Becker cannot play the violin (4,287 words)

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