Rich Morals

Why Don’t Rich People Eat Anymore?

Serena Smith | Dazed | 11th April 2024

Ozempic, intermittent fasting, biohacking — where once the rich signalled their status with opulent dining, now they work very hard to eat as little as possible. Today, food is readily available to more people, so the class signifiers are reversed. "It’s a way for the moneyed classes to signal their wealth and status and posture as above us mere mortals who debase ourselves by eating" (1,400 words)

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The Difference Between Morals And Ethics

Eli Burnstein | LitHub | 11th April 2024

Extract from an intriguing volume: the Dictionary of Fine Distinctions. It uses illustrations to elucidate the difference in definition between easily confused word pairings, such as parable vs fable, maze vs labyrinth, and ethics vs morality. For the latter, ethics is "rational, explicit, and defined by one’s community; the other is emotional, deep-seated, and dictated by one’s conscience or god" (700 words)

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