Runaway Guide

Runaway Wives In Medieval London

Charlotte Berry | History Workshop | 13th July 2022

Women fleeing abusive marriages in the 16C made surprisingly little use of their existing social networks. For one neighbour to challenge another on how he chose to manage his household was to question "an integral part of his masculinity, as well as to risk a legal suit of trespass". Best to move parish. Otherwise, the safest place to be when a husband came looking was inside a convent (1,748 words)

A Field Guide To Greek Metre

Carlo G. Carlucci | Antigone | 9th July 2022

Notes on a tongue in cheek little book about classical prosody. Vanishingly rare, it contains a translation of a 12C Latin text on the topic with delightful zoological illustrations. When it first appeared in the 1970s, it amused and annoyed classics scholars in equal measure, but its limited print run prevented wider distribution. It is now available to peruse digitally here (1,044 words)

Prosody rules: you in the know?
Choriamb* lines, I aim to show.
This very verse! - two feet per line.
Who's getting joy? Mostly it's mine.
What is my point? That's coming next.
Rush not my hand! Here's the key text:
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If you did that - you, I'd adore.

*Where the stress is LONG short short LONG. Yeah? LONG-short-short-LONG, like PRO-so-dy-RULES. Altogether now: "LONG short short LONG." Perfect.

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