Russia and Ukraine

An Englishman In Russia

Robert Ginzburg | Quillette | 28th February 2022

Beautifully-written cameo of an Englishman in Russia saying goodbye to his Russian daughter and her mother, who are fleeing to Italy, unable to live with their growing sense that Putin's Russia is a re-run of Hitler's Germany. "Anyone who has ever wanted to feel they were living in history will, after experiencing a farewell like this, feel that history has finally got their number" (1,350 words)

Famine In Ukraine

Malcolm Muggeridge | Guardian | 27th March 1933

From the archive of The Guardian, with renewed topicality. Some three million Ukrainians died in the man-made famine provoked by Stalin's collectivisation of farming and confiscation of crops in 1933. The Soviet régime effectively suppressed news of the famine at the time. But Muggeridge, if he missed the scale of it all, did at least see that something was horribly wrong (1,900 words)

Audio: Finding Your Voice | Other People's Money. Michael Lewis and Ira Glass recall Lewis's early reports for This American Life in the 1990s, when Glass's radio show was relatively new to the air and the young Lewis was still establishing himself as a writer and broadcaster. (29m 17s)

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